05 October, 2007

Sound Mind Music Video Sample

After coming home this afternoon and feeling inspired I put together a little video clip sample for a song called The Power to Dream. I based it around the two visual concepts of chromatic separation, and celestial images of the cosmos.

The song is by a band called A Sound Mind. They are a great Melbourne based band and you should really check them out.

I really like the look of some of the scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey where planets are aligning, and other celestial bodies are moving in space, if I was going to extend this I would have the Sound Mind Logo, rising out of the sun, and turning into another planet, speeding through the solar system. Then there could be some sort of fetus being born out of it. It could then begin turning into a thousand little particles, a each piece could be absorbed by different points on the earth. You know, to go with the theme of things, being born... and inspiration flowing through the universe.

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