26 September, 2007

Creative Commons Music

While poking around on the internet I found a really great site called ccMixter (ccmixter.org)

ccMixter is a site that allows people to share loops (beats, riffs, vocals, etc.) under a Creative Commons license, people can download these samples and mix them into their own songs, which they then upload.

The Creative Commons is an organization that is an advocate for copy-left licenses and ccMixter was started as a site to support freedom of ideas in music. You can go there and simply listen to some of the music, or download it and for use in your next movie. It's a great resource for indy film-makers who would like some free, quality music for their next short film. Many songs are under a non-commercial license so if your planning to sell DVDs or something, you may need to contact the author of the work and ask nicely. (visit: creativecommons.org for more info).

Creative Commons is a really great idea, and we've been seriously thinking about making putting the Identity Man movie under a CC license and distributing it over bit-torrent with an option to buy a DVD, the idea being that people should be able to acquire the movie, and share it with friends unrestricted. But can buy the DVD version, as a way to support Independent Film.

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